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Baja luna returns

The lunar event last week during the full moon was spectacular to view from here. The full eclipse of the moon on the winter solstice will not happen again in my lifetime…an eclipse yes, but not on solstice.  I stayed up most of the night to watch the event, it did not dissapoint when at 11:33 the earth moved into position,  the light reflected from the sun made wonderful and familiar moon shapes in 2 hours that we usually see in a months time.  The event reminded me how much I enjoy the moon and it’s cycles, a reminder of the cycles of life and a reminder  to write and share my thoughts and experiences just for the fun of it.

It has been many months since I have written, life got busy, I went to Idaho for the summer which was supposed to be 3 months then turned into almost 5 that I was gone from my home on the beach. I worked as a cook in my favorite restaurant and also at a small health food cafe where it was more uncooking; delicious and healthy raw food.   Stay tuned for more culinary adventures of baja luna as I share the newest recipes and tell of food shared with friends and family. As life works, so many events have occurred…the death of a young family member which stunned us all and stung us with the harsh reality of warring countries, then the death in a small plane of dear friends traveling from here, another sting to remind us how fragile it all is and how we have to live in the moment and do what we love, lest we find ourselves living with much regret over things not said or done.


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Oh Luna

gee, if the moon only knew how much we talk about it,

sing about it, dance,

spoon, moon, moan, croon, cry under it

write songs about it, study it,

stare at it, draw it

put it on our clothes, our labels, decorate our tables

love the light of it, the shapes

write stories about it

put it in films

make it a romantic icon

tell tales about it

probe it, photograph it

have legends about it

personify it

will it become a destination vacation?

ahhh luna, we love  you

we can never get enough of you

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