Tennis balls, slobber, sand in the mouth, what could be so fun about that? Do they do it to please me or do they just like the action, a little of both I suspect.  Knowing dogs they must think it makes me happy to get that ball back because I keep throwing it. Maybe they think this is their designated job, dog experts say dogs need a job to be content.

I once had a non-dog lover tell me she could not understand why people keep dogs. The dirt in the house, the barking, the feeding, finding a sitter,the demands they put on us, the poop.  I looked at her in disbelief, I knew I would never invite her to my house again. I could see that she could barely tolerate the dogs while she was here, they sensed it and stayed far away.  Dogs are all of the above but what greater friend could you have?  They are always there, they aim to please, it is a win win situation, they get fed, you get to live with a creature who is meant to be wild and you are constantly entertained. Exercise machines with hair, that’s what my dogs are.  The stares I get in the morning are my prompt to go out and walk, breath, love the air, the sun, the beach.  If I am as excited as the dogs are about each day and each walk, I can stay on the bright side of life. I feel like they are saying, “Why not be excited about everything?”